Matthew learned to love singing in a cappella groups in high school and college. Later, he joined environmentalists like Pete Seeger and others on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, and co-led lots of campers in song at various summer camps including Farm & Wilderness in Plymouth, Vermont.

He grew up in Vermont and adjacent upstate New York and has traveled to French-, Russian-, and Spanish-speaking countries, and has brought back (and loves to sing) the songs he learned there.

Since he moved back to Vermont in 1987, he has performed hundreds of times in a wide variety of venues. He started out using songs about compost, recycling, and water quality to teach kids about their role in environmental stewardship. Over the years, goofiness, impromptu storytelling, local history, and lots of audience participation have greatly embellished the earth-loving songs which remain the core of his performances.

Matthew offers a number of programs, some solo, and some in concert with fellow musicians and entertainers. See Collaborations for more info.

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Photo: Jonathan Blake

“Your music is inspiring and joyful. Your banjo and accordion playing are brilliant and get the crowd clapping and dancing.” - Teri, Children’s Librarian, Killington, Vermont

“Kids take to Matt like fish take to water.” – Nancy, Vermontville, NY

“Matthew Witten is one of the finest of our field. He brings to his songs and stories great heart, riotous laughter, and the kind of connection that is rare in a performer.” – storyteller and musician John Porcino

"Matthew is a wonderful musician and storyteller. He is also a kind and generous person, and I enjoy staying for a few minutes after his shows to talk with him. Many of the songs he sings have a great environmental message; however it is his delivery that hooks you and compels you to sing along. He isn’t afraid to be silly, and my girls love it. Both of my girls are engaged for the entire show which is amazing considering my youngest is only one. He is a magnificent storyteller whether he is telling an old favorite or creating a story based on words from the audience. He often acts out portions of the stories which make them even more entertaining. He has inspired me to make up my own stories to tell the girls, and it has become one of their favorite ways to pass time on long car rides and walks to the playground. Matthew is a truly amazing person, and we are grateful for the chance to see him twice a month at the library."  - Amy, a parent from Essex Jct., Vermont

“Matthew’s shows are fun and inspirational for all ages. A talented musician and storyteller, Matthew has great enthusiasm and respect for the earth, creating performances that both entertain and educate.” – Laura, VT Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation

“Matthew’s face is naturally distorting.” - Valerie, Poughkeepsie, NY

"At dinner my little son Markus all of the sudden began to sing a song from your program today. His older brother knew the song from last time so they started to sing together and we had such fun!" - Andrea, a parent from Essex Jct., Vermont
"Our library engaged Matthew Witten for an evening performance. It was our library’s first attempt at a Family Night and it was a great success, largely due to Matthew’s wonderful performance.  Matthews’s rapport with kids and humor for all ages won the crowd over quickly and soon we were all singing along and dancing with him. His stories are humorous and entertaining while managing to address issues that are important to everyone, such as the environment and family. The following day I received several phone calls at home thanking me for the great program at the library." - Renee, the Children’s Librarian in Shoreham, Vermont

“We highly recommend Matthew for his fun and educational lyrics and his upbeat, friendly character.” – Betsy, Director of Shelburne Parks and Recreation, Shelburne, Vermont
"Matthew's songs include a respect for all living things, including people, animals, plants, and the land and water we all share.  Good humor abounds in Matthew's program, whether he is singing or telling stories, which include classic folktales and original tales.  He is an animated, hilarious storyteller, with an ability to improvise from audience suggestions.  Laughter is frequently heard coming from our Community Room on Friday mornings when Matthew is performing." - Mary, Youth Services Librarian, Essex Jct., Vermont

“Matthew, you were wonderful at Westford Elementary School! Thanks for coming and for playing requests!” – Jill, Westford, Vermont

“Matthew has the ability to engage and entertain not only children of all ages, but adults as well. The adults listen, sing, and move along almost as enthusiastically as the kids! What the kids probably don’t realize is how much they are learning while they are enjoying themselves. Matthew provides a phenomenal program.” - Sheila, childcare provider from Essex Jct., Vermont


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