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Champlain Troubadour
Champlain Troubadour (Matthew Witten) performs stories and songs from different traditions to engage the audience in song, movement, and the excitement of people's adventures and follies in the lake environment. Songs and Stories of Lake Champlain is a fun and educational exploration into the local lore of Lake Champlain and its surroundings. Most songs and stories are participatory and energetic. Themes include Native American wisdom, sea chanteys, boats from canoes to schooners, fossils, protecting clean water, and heroes of the past. Click here for the Champlain Troubadour.

Swing Peepers
This duo (John Hadden and Matthew Witten) is seriously bent on family entertainment. Songs, comedy, improvisation and energetic antics are their fare. With great vocal harmonies and a variety of instruments, the Swing Peepers perform fun, earth-friendly and interactive songs and stories. Click here for the Swing Peepers.

Swing Peepers' Artists-In-Residency Program
John Hadden and Matthew also go into schools to help groups of kids write their own original songs. Their artist-in-residency, called “Play to Your Strengths”, has reached hundreds of kids across Vermont and beyond. The program has garnered tremendously positive and enthusiastic feedback from kids, teachers, and parents. Click here for the Swing Peepers' Residency page.

North Star (Lausanne Allen, Rick Ceballos, and Matthew Witten)
North Star is all about down-home celebration. The trio mixes old New England, Quebecois, and Appalachian songs with their own originals and a spicy take on fiddle, whistle, and accordion dance tunes. Their sweet three-part harmonies and big sound from button accordion, whistle, fiddle, guitar, and percussion make them the life of the party! Check out the band on YouTube!

Toss the Feathers (Rick Ceballos, Billy Drislane, and Matthew Witten)
Toss the Feathers is a high-energy dance band that plays contradances as well as parties, weddings, and other gatherings. They perform Irish, old-timey, and French-Canadian jigs, reels, and waltzes with pizzazz.

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